SKID ROW DENIM & APPAREL INC. connects communities through innovative, social enterprise models that provide solutions to peoples basic needs with a priority on homelessness.

SKID ROW DENIM & APPAREL INC. supports and facilitates productive and fulfilling lives for those that believe opportunities belong to everyone.

SKID ROW DENIM & APPAREL INC. was founded with the belief that a future where humanity is connected to one another is more meaningful than one that is not.  We actively create products to make this possible with the ultimate goal of enabling dignity and purpose for all.

SKID ROW DENIM & ACADEMY INC. short-term goals are to create products with meaning and thoughtfulness while our long-term aspirations are enabling everyone to opportunity to lead healthy, holistic lives.


Be the catalyst between formerly homeless, customers, investors and partners to come together to design programs and products that facilitate shelter and workforce development opportunities.


Create business models to support communities where everyone has a place to live.


Sell products that support the mission, let our customers know they are partners and encourage community activism.


SKID ROW DENIM & ACADEMY INC. is honored to have strong partnerships within the community.  We are excited to share Skid Row organizations that we support.